This project is maintained by genouest


This project is a complete rewrite of BioMAJ (

BioMAJ (BIOlogie Mise A Jour) is a workflow engine dedicated to data synchronization and processing. The Software automates the update cycle and the supervision of the locally mirrored databank repository.

Common usages are to download remote databanks (Genbank for example) and apply some transformations (blast indexing, emboss indexing,...). Any script can be applied on downloaded data. When all treatments are successfully applied, bank is put in "production" on a dedicated release directory. With cron tasks, update tasks can be executed at regular interval, data are downloaded again only if a change is detected.

Getting started

Edit file to match your settings. Minimal conf are database connection and directories. -h --config --status --config  --bank alu --update


To migrate from previous BioMAJ 1.x, a script is available at: Script will import old database to the new database, and update configuration files to the modified format. Data directory is the same.

Application Features




Indexing (optional):

ElasticSearch indexing add advanced search features to biomaj to find bank having files with specific format etc... Configuration of ElasticSearch is not in the scope of BioMAJ documentation. For a basic installation, one instance of ElasticSearch is enough (low volume of data), in such a case, the ElasticSearch configuration file should be modified accordingly: "biomaj" (or any other name)
index.number_of_shards: 1
index.number_of_replicas: 0


You should consider using a Python virtual environment (virtualenv) to install BioMAJ.

In tools/examples, copy the and update it to match your local installation.

The tools/process contains example process files (python and shell).

From source

After dependencies installation, go in BioMAJ source directory:

python install

From packages

pip install biomaj biomaj-cli biomaj-daemon


BioMAJ uses several packages, each one with its own git repository:

API documentation

Biomaj daemon REST API/ (biomaj-daemon >= 3.0.13)


Build Status


Execute unit tests


Execute unit tests but disable ones needing network access

nosetests -a '!network'


A-GPL v3+


Biomaj uses libcurl, for sftp libcurl must be compiled with sftp support

To delete elasticsearch index:

curl -XDELETE 'http://localhost:9200/biomaj_test/'


Special thanks for tuco at Pasteur Institute for the intensive testing and new ideas.... Thanks to the old BioMAJ team for the work they have done.

BioMAJ is developped at IRISA research institute.