Each run creates or uses a session. The session holds the status of the update/delete/… as well as other specific action information (list of files downloaded, release, …).

If the previous session is successful, the next run will create a new session. If previous session failed (error during download, wrong configuration, …), the next run will reload previous session and restart actions from the failed step.


Run 1: init OK => .. => download KO stop here

Run 2:

init SKIP => … => download OK => postprocess OK => …

Production directories

When a bank is successfully updated, the Bank adds a new production directory with a release name. Each production maps to a session.


One and only one bank release can be published for each bank. A published bank creates a symbolic link current on the specified released. This helps user accessing a bank with the same path (/../mybank/current). You can manage publishing at update time or later on with the –publish or –publish-version options.