A bank is updated only under certain conditions and configuration

if fromscratch option is set, bank is fully updated in any case

Get release from remote server

    If release.file not empty:
      Get remote file matching regular expression
      if release.regexp not empty:
        Extract release from file with regexp
      if release.file contains match expression like myfile_(\d+).txt:
        Extract release from file name
      else no_release
    else no_release

If no_release

    get release from last updated file dae

if release could be extracted:

    if last session was successful (no update needed or full updated completed)
      if release in existing production directories
         do not update
      else update
      if failure occured in download

Once release is determined, files are downloaded in offline directory and optionally uncompressed. Then local files regular expression is matched against files in offline directory. All files matching regular expression are copied to the release directroy in a subdirectory named flat


An update workflow is made on the following steps


Initialisation of the bank


Various checks...


Bank dependencies, if any, update dependency banks first


Execute pre processes


Try to get release from remote server

download => uncompress => copy

If previous step did not found any release, get one from latest updated file
Find files to download and download them in offline directory
Optionally uncompress files
Copy files from offline dir to production dir, matching local regexp

postprocess => metadata => stats

Execute postprocesses, settings environment variables
Extract metadata information for processes output files (stdout)
Compute statistics on downloaded/process generated files

publish => clean_offline => delete_old => clean_old_sessions

If publish, set current release as **current** production directory
Clean offline directory
Check if old production directories should be removed and remove them, **current** and freezed production directories cannot be deleted

Clean old sessions (not linked to a production directory)


Remove lock, save session etc..